It all began in 1974

The company was started by Norman Johnson and specialized in boat repair and fabricating custom parts and tooling for the fiberglass boat industry.

Solutions Based Approach

Focused on Quality

Unrivaled Customer Service


The company evolved and developed into a manufacturer of custom fiberglass reinforced plastic products.  This has led to the design and manufacture of a wide variety of custom products serving local industries.  One of those industries served was the cheese making industry. The company developed cheese brining systems to take advantage of the non-corrosive nature of fiberglass in high salt concentrated environments.  The company built single cheese tanks and large serpentine and cheese holding cell systems.

In 2001 Ken and Mary Glowacki purchased the business and renamed it Fiberglass Solutions Inc. Throughout their tenure, they focused on coming up with solutions to their customer’s various needs while offering high quality work with unrivaled customer service.  

It was this dedication and commitment to serving their customers that made the decision easy for Amy and Ben to purchase the business in May of 2018. Fiberglass Solutions LLC will be celebrating their 45th year in business in 2019!

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