Wall & Ceiling Systems

Fiberglass ceiling and wall panels were developed to create seamless and sanitary rooms for the food industry. The company pioneered the use of non-water absorbing fiberglass reinforced closed cell board to replace wood in their brining tanks and ceiling & wall panels.

Additionally, we know and understand that within food plants, there can be extreme temperature differences from one room to the next, creating an opportunity for moisture and subsequently mold and bacteria to grow.  To remedy this, we can install fully insulated wall panel systems, custom fit and fabricated to your plant’s needs.

Understanding that shutdowns at manufacturing facilities are few and far between, we can tailor wall system installations to fit your plant’s schedule.  We routinely install small sections at a time, utilizing every downtime opportunity available to help you build a clean and sanitary production facility.  

If you are tired of constantly painting problematic walls within your facility and dealing with moisture issues, then give us a call to have us quote a seamless, fiberglass wall system to provide you with years of maintenance free, cleanable and sanitary wall and ceiling surfaces.

  • FDA approved resin & gelcoat

  • Smooth sanitary finish

  • Seamless installation

  • Color fasted white throughout

  • Post & beam wraps

  • Custom wall panel fabrication

  • Built to accommodate washdown & cleaning

  • Floor covering