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Brine Systems

Over the last 45 years, we have offered high quality, fiberglass cheese brine tanks and systems.  Many of the tanks originally built by the N.L. Johnson Company are still in service today - making the cheese that we all love so much.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) brine tanks offer great chemical resistance to the salt brine used in the cheese making process. When properly maintained and serviced, fiberglass brine systems offer decades of proven performance at more economical price point than stainless steel.

Fiberglass Solutions originally developed a patented serpentine brine system, making us the leader in brine system design and engineering.  To this day we continue to come up with custom solutions and designs to meet our customer’s needs. No job or project is too big or too small.  From small operations to large double and triple tier brine tank design, we can handle it all.

Our FRP brine systems are fabricated from FDA approvable resins and gel coats to ensure that your plant meets quality requirements.  Additionally, our years of experience designing brine systems has allowed us to come up with ways to ensure your system will be in accordance with audit requirements.  Our brine systems are color fasted with white resin throughout, to ensure that your system remains clean and white throughout the life of the system. Fiberglass Solutions offers a fully cleanable, seamless, system that will never rust and is easily repairable should it ever be damaged.

Additionally, we offer fiberglass spray stands and spray system design to ensure your cheese remains fully covered with salt brine and eliminates the need for labor-intensive salt application as your cheese is curing.  Fiberglass spray stands are fully integrated into the system, with a seamless installation - eliminating maintenance associated with stainless steel in a high salt environment. No nuts, bolts or rust stains to take care of.  


Contact us for a custom design that fits your needs & space constraints.

  • Custom, single, double, or triple tier design

  • Serpentine style cheese holding brine flumes

  • Insulated & non-insulated construction

  • Brine flume & tank covers

  • Lining & repairs to brine pits

  • Custom fiberglass brine system ladders

  • Fiberglass spray stands

  • Low maintenance spray system design

  • Design & engineering services