Custom 3-Tier Brine System

We recently installed a custom fit, three-tier brine system to accommodate a customer’s tight space constraints and need for increased capacity. This project offered a number of unique challenges, including constraints in every direction - literally. We worked with the customer to get a better understanding of their needs, not only with the brine system itself, but with the other functions of their business in and around the brine room. In addition to the three tiers of brine capacity, we also installed a custom designed spray system in order to preserve the quality and consistency of the finished product. All of this was completed utilizing an existing, out-of-service brine system that was completely refurbished to meet the Customer’s needs. This project was a testament to the durability of fiberglass as well as our ability to find Solutions that help to save Customers money and provide them with a high-quality, long-lasting brine system.